Beyond Visuals: How a Thermal Camera Smartphone is Redefining How Professionals Work


Thermal imagery technology has found its place in several professions, making it possible to detect leaks, assess potential hazardous situations, and find hidden suspects in the dark effortlessly. Providing these professionals with a more portable option in the form of a thermal camera smartphone significantly reduces the time taken to pack and set up what would normally be cumbersome equipment.


What Does a Thermal Camera Smartphone Do?


What a thermal camera smartphone does is detect heat radiating from an energy source and convert it into a visual image. As much as this technology seems like a way for you to take those embarrassing shots of your friends in the dark, the usefulness of it has many business and emergency sectors turning to them as diagnostic as well as search and rescue tools.


The sensors in a thermal camera smartphone accurately detect the tiniest variances in radiated heat and displays them either in shades of grey or in colour. Everything gives off thermal energy, even ice, and the hotter something is, the more intense the thermal imagery is, which is often referred to as a heat signature.  


Professions that Rely on a Thermal Camera Smartphone


Originally, thermal cameras were developed for use in surveillance operations. However, with this technology being incorporated into a rugged-designed smartphone, it is being used for everything from scientific research to building inspections.


  • Buildings

Finding the source of a leak or electrical wiring that has malfunctioned inside a home or commercial building can be difficult, especially if it is in the walls. A thermal camera smartphone allows access trade to pick up the radiating heat from leaks or hot spots, preventing unnecessary costly repairs. They can also be used to inspect insulation and detect moisture.


  • Search and Rescue

As equipped as first responders are with thermal imagery drones and handheld cameras, when an emergency requires the quick action of reservists and volunteers, having a thermal camera smartphone could be a life-saving device. Through thick smoke and darkness, the camera will be able to pick up any survivors, possible hot spots, and potential dangers. When it comes to making quick, informed decisions to prevent a fatality, a Blackview rugged thermal camera smartphone won’t let you down.


  • Wildlife

The ability to pick up heat signatures in the dark is possibly the biggest advantage of a thermal camera smartphone. With some animal populations being more active at night, these cameras allow game rangers to observe and understand their behaviour.

During the day, it is relatively easy to spot some of the Big Five, but wouldn’t it be an amazing and memorable experience to be able to spot the animal that emits a growl at night? Having a thermal camera smartphone on a night drive might lead to spotting a leopard or two that the guide missed.


  • Security

With military groups using thermal imagery, it makes sense that this technology has been adopted by security companies. It has become easier for them to spot offenders in the dark, finding them hiding behind bushes and other objects with a thermal camera smartphone.  


Using the infrared sensors from thermal imagery and combining it with a rugged design has afforded Blackview the opportunity of bringing thermal camera smartphone technology to a wide range of professionals and joy seekers alike. Contact us today for the ideal ruggedised phone suitable for your next adventure.