Need a More Durable Smartphone?


Technology is great. But even exceptional technology is not always a match for a sudden shock, knock, or dunk in the water. Too often, great technology is let down by products with substandard design. This is especially evident for those who lead a more active lifestyle, whether it’s for work or leisure. Yet, we are dependent on technology to stay informed and connected. So, what to do if you’re looking for a durable smartphone that is ready to tackle any challenge and meet the demands of your daily life?


Well, you get the ironman of smartphones, of course. If you’re looking for a smartphone that can withstand water, shock, dust, and vibration damage, yet is highly functional and stylish, look no further than the range of durable, rugged phones from Blackview.


It’s Everything You Need in a Durable Smartphone


Ultimately, the point of a durable smartphone is that it should last, no matter what. That said, nobody wants durability while having to compromise on the other features you expect of a new smartphone. In addition to being durable, you also want it to look stylish and offer a full bouquet of functionality that matches all other premium products on the market. All of this is, of course, exactly what you get with a durable Blackview smartphone.


Enjoy State-of-the-Art Features


Just because you’re choosing a rugged, durable smartphone, doesn’t mean you can’t have all the exceptional features you desire. The range of Blackview smartphones is equipped with the latest features to give you everything you need in a smartphone. Outstanding features available on select models include:


  • Wireless charging
  • Up to 128 GB storage
  • 16 MP Sony or Samsung cameras
  • Dual SIM capability
  • Bluetooth earphones
  • Laser projector
  • Smartwatch combos


Sleek Design That Catches the Eye


Durable and rugged also doesn’t have to mean rough and unsightly. At least not when it comes to Blackview smartphones. With one of these exceptional devices in hand, you get to enjoy the very best in durability and resilience in terms of smartphones, while also boasting a modern, sleek and stylish handset that wouldn’t look out of place in a boardroom, a night on the town, or on-site. Style and ruggedness are not mutually exclusive, and a Blackview smartphone proves this.


Warranty for Added Peace of Mind


When buying a durable smartphone, you want it to be able to withstand whatever life throws at it and to last. This is exactly what Blackview offers you. However, life also throws some unavoidable curveballs at times. This is why we include a one-year warranty with each and every device. What’s more, you also have the option to extend this warranty, if you so wish, to add that little extra peace of mind that you and your device are covered no matter what.


It’s Waterproof


If there is one thing that is the mortal enemy of a smartphone, it’s water (or liquids in general). One drop in a puddle, basin or pool could leave any ordinary device completely useless. Unfortunately, this is something that happens way too often. With a Blackview device, however, you don’t have to worry about these unfortunate accidents as our phones are waterproof, meaning you no longer have to worry about rain when on-site or out in the field, spills while out on the town or busy in the lab, or accidentally dropping it in water while working or playing.


It’s Dust-Proof


Dust is much more damaging than many people realise, especially when it’s fine dust that gets introduced to sensitive technology. The Blackview smartphones are, however, dust-proof to ensure that they are protected against these damaging effects. This makes them the ideal choice for people working in environments where they are exposed to excessive amounts of fine dust, such as mining and construction.


It’s Shock-Resistant


We’ve all dropped a phone. Sometimes it’s alright and the world carries on. Other times, it simply hits at just the wrong angle and your entire phone is smashed to pieces or rendered useless. That’s it. A quick fumble and in a split second it’s all over. The Blackview rugged phones, however, come with Gorilla Glass to eliminate cracked screens and are resistant against shocks to protect the functionality of the phones.


It’s Vibration-Resistant


One factor that people often neglect to consider when it comes to looking after their devices is the effect that prolonged vibration can have on these devices. Whether it’s from working on machinery all day long, riding a motorcycle, or mountain biking, continuous vibrations can cause significant damage to a smartphone. The durable Blackview smartphones are vibration-proof, making them safe to use in environments such as these without concern that your phone will be damaged in the process.


Suitable for a Range of Uses and Environments


Due to the fact that the Blackview smartphone range is so exceptionally durable and able to perform at its peak in a variety of environments that tend to be less than welcoming to other devices, it is highly suitable for use in a range of industries, such as:


  • Security
  • Hunting
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Mining


Shop from Wherever You Are


Not only does the Blackview range meet and exceed your needs, but it’s also easy and convenient to get your hands on one of these sturdy smartphones. Simply head over to our online shop to browse our incredible selection of phones, choose the smartphone that appeals most to you, and complete the transaction right in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are.


We’ll Deliver Your Phone Straight to Your Door


Once you have completed your purchase, you can sit back and relax. We’ll bring your phone to you within one to five workdays, wherever you are in South Africa. We make use of the well-known and reliable hand-to-hand courier company, Courier Guy, to ensure that your device is delivered to you safely and quickly.


Get the Smartphone for a Rugged Lifestyle


If you’re looking for a durable smartphone you can rely on, make sure you choose the toughest phone available in South Africa. You are guaranteed rock-solid quality at affordable prices.