Why You Should Consider Buying a Waterproof Smartphone


Many of you who read this article will have learnt the hard way that mixing water with electronics usually ends in disaster. It may be great to enjoy a cup of coffee while you are hard at work on your laptop, but the consequences of spilling your beverage all over its keyboard are invariably anything but good news. Unfortunately, unless you own a waterproof smartphone, your much-loved and indispensable mobile will also be exposed to the damaging effects of immersion.


You could, of course, buy a pouch and this will help to keep out the moisture and even provide a little protection if you should accidentally drop your phone. However, once you remove your device from its pouch to answer a call, it will be vulnerable to impact or water damage, once more. 


Until we are without them, few of us realise the extent to which we depend on our phones. A relaxing bath may provide the perfect opportunity to browse social media, but only if yours is a waterproof smartphone is this a good idea. A survey conducted during 2014 revealed that *30% of mobile phone users had experienced water damage to their device. Also, almost half of all the users questioned reported that they were currently using a device which, although damaged, was still operable and that they simply haven’t replaced it yet to avoid the expense of buying a new one.


At the time of this survey, manufacturers were beginning to introduce a few impact-resistant and waterproof smartphone models. However, while were found to mitigate the effects of an accidental drop or contact with water, the extent of the protection they provided was relatively minimal. Although these products appeared to be a step in the right direction, they were of limited value even to the casual user and entirely unsuitable for use in situations where the opportunities for accidental damage were far more significant. The best that could be said was that they were more resilient than earlier models.


The Necessity of Waterproof Phones


Today, given the vastly extended network coverage now available, the need for waterproof smartphones has probably become even greater. The police and emergency services are as likely to be equipped with mobiles as the 2-way radios they relied upon in past years. Even the crews of lifeboats and trawlers whose workplaces are the seas and the oceans are likely to rely on a GSM device rather than a line-of-sight radio. That said, even kayakers and canoeists are most unlikely to leave their mobiles behind when negotiating a river or lake just for the fun of it. In practice, whether you are on business or pleasure, if it involves being afloat, it’s advisable to equip yourself with a waterproof smartphone just in case you should need to communicate with the shore or another vessel in an emergency.


Tales of how users have managed to drown their cellphones can sometimes be as bizarre as they are numerous. For example, there are parents whose child have, unwittingly, taken theirs into the shower to play games or accidentally dropped it down the loo whilst doing so. Then there are the moms who accidentally nudge theirs into the sink whilst washing their hair. The truth is we tend to keep our phones close even when it may not be advisable and, unless it’s a waterproof smartphone, that will often prove to be a recipe for disaster.


Okay, so physical damage to your phone, whether caused by water or impact, does not always pose a threat to one’s life or even render it useless. However, at the very least, it’s likely to incur a substantial repair bill and, in the worst-case scenario, you might even need to fork out the price of a new one. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? It could be your phone rather than your coin that ends up in a fountain. That’s just one of numerous reasons why so many mobile users are now keen to get their hands on a waterproof smartphone that truly lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. 


Introducing Blackview


The acknowledged brand leaders continue to churn out progressively slimmer phones with ever-larger touchscreens. However, none has yet succeeded in producing a model with all of the built-in strength and resilience needed for use in the harsh and hazardous environments where many users must work or may choose to seek their pleasure – none until Blackview that is.


Located in Hong Kong, Blackview began trading just under eight years ago. Its serial entrepreneur founder is widely known for his claim that high-quality tech need not carry a high price tag. The company’s range of world-class yet affordable range of waterproof and rugged smartphones confirms that Xu Ming is, indeed, a man of his word.


One might reasonably have believed that a phone of military-grade strength with the ability to survive both heavy impacts and prolonged immersion in water would be markedly bulkier than those we have become used to in recent years. Also, it would seem probable that the designers would need to sacrifice some of the usual functionality to achieve their exceptional ruggedness. In practice, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, the Blackview range of rugged, waterproof smartphones offers all the functionality and support for apps typical of any Android phone. Perhaps, even more surprisingly, some of the models in the range are noticeably slimmer than many of those offered by the better-known manufacturers.


Blackview has quickly gained a reputation for quality and as a leader in the design of robust units for use in severe conditions. The brand’s efforts to maintain affordable price tags, however, has meant that its products are available to anyone who would like to own a tough, waterproof smartphone that they can always depend upon – whatever the circumstances. Blackview models such as the BV6300 and BV6300 Pro will not only satisfy your need for a resilient unit, but they will also provide you with added security in the form of their exceptionally long battery life.


There’s no need to go hunting for a store. You can purchase the entire range of Blackview mobile phones online. You might want to keep an eye out for the newly launched BL6000 Pro. It’s the world’s first and toughest rugged 5G smartphone. It’s waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof and will even continue operating when the mercury hits -30° Celsius. Mmm, it could be time to book that cruise to Antarctica.