The Blackview W50 smartwatch is engineered for the adventurous and the active. Touted as the world's first rugged smartwatch, it stands out with its remarkable durability features. Resistant to salt spray, alcohol, and cosmetics thanks to its innovative oil-filling craftsmanship, the W50 is designed to withstand the challenges of both intense physical activities and everyday mishaps.

Equipped with a high-quality, ultra-stable Bluetooth technology for clear two-way calling, the W50 ensures you stay connected in the most demanding situations. It sports a 1.39-inch super-clear color display, offering vivid visuals that remain clear even in bright sunlight. Additionally, its robust PANDA® Glass and zinc alloy body can endure drops from up to 5 meters and resist extreme temperatures ranging from -30℃ to 70℃.

For health enthusiasts, the W50 offers continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, alongside over 100 workout modes to cater to all types of physical activities. Its enhanced battery life promises over 5 days of typical use on a single charge, making it a reliable companion for extended outdoor adventures.

With its combination of rugged durability, advanced health tracking, and seamless connectivity, the Blackview W50 is more than just a smartwatch—it's a powerful tool for those who push the limits.

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