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Blackview SA has been in business for the past 3 years, and our sole focus is The Blackview brand of Smart Phones.

About a year ago, Blackview launched their range of Rugged Smart Phones which has provided Blackview SA with products that differentiate us from the rest of the market.

We have a large base of satisfied clients in the following areas of business:

  • Security companies
  • Hunting
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Mining

Unlike the majority of third party cellular phone providers, we have chosen not to dilute our product offering and service capability by acting as a retail store for ancillary goods and gimmicks.

All Blackview devices are ICASA approved and furthermore are Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified.


Who are we at Blackview

We are the original importers and distributors of Blackview phones in South Africa.

We regard ourselves as Android and Smart Phone “fundies” and we the strongly advocate the use of technology that delivers value to business operations.

When first we saw the Blackview Smartphone range, we immediately recognised a well-designed product, robust enough and suited to the requirements of Africa and all this at an affordable price.

The Blackview range has been tried and tested worldwide by various panels of Smartphone groups and their verdict is unanimous: “Blackview compares most favourably with any of the well know brands on the market”.

In many instances, Blackview actually outperforms many of the well known brands with our true HD  (@ 1080p) screen quality.

The Blackview devices are both stylish and durable, and moreover they are quality devices that allows users to access all of the Applications available on any other Android device, (Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or simply surf the Internet) and is now within financial reach of everyone who aspires to a Smart Phone.

Our devices offer the opportunity for our users to make the use of Smart Phones simple and fun.


Our Passion

Promotion and protection of the Blackview brand is our driving passion.

Business solutions

  1. Vehicle tracking – By combining a Blackview Rugged device (a seriously tough device that can withstand a lot of abuse) with our Mobile Data Management (MDM) capability, we are able to provide despatch controllers with real time access to information and open a whole host of new possibilities.
    • Immediate messaging from the console – Drivers can redirected or routes altered in real time.
    • Real Time tracking of vehicles – With Blackview’s A-GPS and GLONASS capability, you will know the location of every driver and vehicle instantly.
    • Route control – By utilising the capability of the MDM application, controllers are able to provide routing to staff and ensure that these routes are adhered too.
    • Geo fencing – Vehicles can be routed and any deviation from the route will be instantly communicated to the central console.
    • Push-to-talk – With our Push-to-talk application, we are able to extend the functionality of the Smart Phone and turn it into a “Walkie talkie” and with all the benefits associated with a Two Way Radio network.
    • Talk Groups – Create communications groups for staff.
    • One Button PTT – We do away with the need to look up and dial a number when necessary. With the PTT button, communications take place instantly and without the need to lose concentration while driving.
    • SOS Broadcast – Our devices support a SOS button for use in emergencies. Once again, the need to look up and then dial a number becomes a non-issue.

Benefits of deploying our Business Solutions

  1. Lock down of phones – The device can be deployed in “Kiosk Mode”, which means that staff may only use the phone for company purposes. (No Internet, no installation of unauthorised applications and no private phone calls from the device) Thus, no excuse for being out of contact because the airtime or data was “finished”.
  2. SOS button. – One button to press for emergency assistance. No need for staff to look up a phone number and hope to reach someone on the other end. With MDM management from a central console, it would be possible to direct vehicles in the vicinity to converge on the incident, not for intervention, but for support.
  3. Remote device maintenance – All the registered devices can be managed and updated from the Central console, thus avoiding time wasted by drivers needing to return to a central point for updates.
  4. Vehicle monitoring – The tedious work of monitoring the movements of a vehicle to ensure that it is where it is supposed to be is eliminated. By using the Geo Fencing application, vehicle monitoring is performed by the Central Console and alarms are raised when a vehicle deviates from a planned route.
  5. Expenditure control – Once the phones have been restricted to company use only, it ensures that you are always in control of voice and data usage, obviating the need to constantly “top up” mobile services for staff and as a consequence be able to predict costs.
  6. Central fleet management – With the Central Console of the MDM application installed, you have a complete, instant and up to date picture of fleet status and deployment, while staff can be reached instantly by means of the Console messaging feature.
  7. Route agility – Another benefit of the Console messaging feature is that you now have the ability to reroute staff from the Central Console of the MDM application.



For more information about how we can assist your business, please e-mail us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a solution and pricing which will benefit your organisation –

We like to see ourselves as a bunch of Android and Smartphone fundies!

When we saw the Blackview Smartphones for the first time, we immediately recognised a well-designed product at an excellent price.

These smartphones have been tried and tested both in-house and by a panel of smartphone users, and the verdict is simple – Blackview compares extremely favourably with the more well-known brands on the market.

We would even go so far as to say that Blackview outperforms many of the well-known brands – the screen quality is crystal clear @ (1080p) and the overall Android look and feel is beautifully “customized” and more “polished”.

We are confident South Africans are going to be excited about the Blackview product – Just because you are used to paying an arm and a leg for a great-looking and well designed quality product, doesn’t mean you have to.

We want to give every person the opportunity to own a smartphone, to be able to connect with the world via the Internet, and on Facebook, Twitter, Whats’ app and other apps. Now, with your Blackview Smartphone, all these functions are available at your fingertips. Easy, quick, fun…

We are the first to import Blackview smartphones and sell them in South Africa..

We offer support for this product and will be able to assist if you have any problems or require repairs to your Blackview device.

Blackview comes with dual SIM capabilities; you can keep your existing number and add an additional data sim, giving you greater control over your data spend.

All devices boast an excellent SIM management application; easily manage which network traffic must go to which SIM – voice calls on the one sim and internet traffic on the other.

We are passionate about Blackview and believe in this product.

If you have any concerns, questions or need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you have support queries or need some assistance we have a friendly and highly technical support team waiting to assist

Blackview SA is focused on providing Smart Phones based on value for money and reliable after sales service.

We know how to do business, and we can provide your business with the best prices and after sale service support.

Why should your business by from us?

We are Blackview and we only specialise in the Blackview brand in South Africa.

If you have support queries or need some assistance we have a friendly and highly technical support team waiting to assist.

All our phones is ICASA certified so you can be assure that it meets the standarts required in South Africa.

We have customers in the following business.

  • Security companies
  • Hunting
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Mining

Email us with your requirements and we will send you a quote with our best prices –




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